5 Unique Birthday Gifts for Art Lover Who Have Everything

We all have that one who is so advance and updated that he seems to have everything. You show him your new phone and he tells you that he knows all its features. Break him some news, he completes the whole story stealing words from your mouth. It’s like he knows everything and he is always not interested in your gadgets, achievements, and news stories.

Apparently, it is quite a challenge for one to find a gift for a friend that smart. If it is the birthday of a smart cookie friend of yours, here are some of the unique gift ideas that not only will impress him, but also will get you loads of appreciation from him –

Gadget Organizer Wood Tray –

Wooden artifacts, furniture, and fixtures have always been a part of our lifestyle. Since your friend is so smart, it is obvious that he has more than one gadget. We are also sure that he can’t keep all his gadgets at one place because of the weight and size of each gadget he has.

So, by gifting him this specifically designed wood tray with mobile holder for work and office desk, you can help him keep his gadgets safely, at one place, and in a well-organized manner. It will look really cool on work desk and on bed’s size table. A $ 89 wood tray for organizing your hundred dollar gadgets!

But that isn’t the only unique wooden gift item you can offer your intellectual friend. How about wood smoking pipes?? Smoking pipes for the purpose of wildlife safari or for duck hunting.

These handmade and hand-painted smoking pipes are a work of art featuring a great finish. If your friend is likes smoking, or likes to collect artistically designed items, it could be an impressive gift item for him.

Indoor Herb Garden –

With human population keen to cross the 8 billion mark soon, it has become increasingly difficult for city dwellers to find space for kitchen gardening. If your friend who seems to have everything but an access to fresh herbs, you can think upon gifting him an indoor herb garden for his kitchen.

Even in their busy lifestyle, many a people want to have indoor kitchen garden, but due to lack of time, knowledge, and above all, motivation, they can’t. So, let’s give your friend a motivation boost with a gift of this indoor herb garden starter kit.

You have many options here. Like, you can just give your friend the herbs seeds for cultivation. Or, you can give planters of essential herbs for kitchen or the planters of his favorite herbs. Either way, it is not going to be an expensive gift.

best digital photo frames

Smart Picture Frame –

Wait a sec! What’s that?

If that was your reaction to a smart picture frame, this will surely make an awesome gift idea for your friend who seems to have everything, because if he had or knew about this gadget, he would have told you about it already.

Smart picture frame is a technology-backed photo frame which you can connect to WiFi network, and it will display image(s) from your social network feed, email, and an app. Some of the frames you can consider are: NIX Advance 8-Inch USB Digital Photo Frame and Feelcare Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame (which comes with touch screen support).

Not just photos, you can share and play your videos on these smart screens.

Self Cleaning Water Bottle –


Water bottle is one of the must have things in trekkers, college goers, and office goers’ backpack. You can gift your friend this self-cleaning water bottle – which, as its name says, cleans by itself.

LARQ is the cleanest water bottle on the market. The bottle sanitizes itself six times a day. However, if you wish to purify the water before drinking, you will just need to press the top button.

According to makers, the bottle can clean 99.999% of bacteria with its built-in UV-C LED purification technology. Just charge the bottle once a month and you are ready to go for your next adventure. Additionally, this insulated water bottle can keep water cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Offering water bottle with customized labels as gifts, you can save your friend a great amount of time, and show that he is a valuable friend and you care for his health.

Weighted Blanket –


You can also consider giving your friend a weighted blanket, which could, again, be your chance to show that you care for him.

Studies indicate that weighted blanket can help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. In addition to that, it can also be a help in conditions like autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

If your friend lives alone, or if you notice that your smart friend is going through a tough time, this will make a great idea for gifting. It works by lowering the heart rate and promoting sound sleep – the most natural way to cure of a range of emotional and mental conditions.

Even if your friend does not show such symptoms, you can gift this weighted blanket to wish him a good night’s sleep every night.