Choosing A Mother of the Bride Dress

Your daughter is getting married.  Congratulations!  Do you worry that you won’t be able to find a Mother Of The Bride dress to wear to her wedding that’s flattering and spectacular for her wedding day?  Don’t worry as there’s a huge selection of mother of the brides dresses to choose from.  Popular styles include Floor Length Dresses, Tea Length Dresses, Fitted Sleeves and A-line dresses.  The mother of the bride now is a fashionable, contemporary woman, largely unconstrained by formality, style, and color, and the mother also like the Kitchen Taps.

Degree of Formality: Unlike the bridal party, which is customarily dressed in similar wedding attire, the mother of the bride dress ought to be dressed in similar or matching wedding attire, the mother of the-bride dress generally follows the principles for any guest should dress, except that the mother of the bride ought to be dressed in more formal attire than other guests.

The level of formality should be ordered by the formality of the occasion, in particular, the bride’s dress.  So if your daughter is going to wear ballroom style wedding dresses with a chapel train and gloves, you should try and match the level of formality by wearing something formal.  This doesn’t mean you must necessarily wear a dress bathed in sequins, or made out of lace, lace embellished with rhinestones.  There are many frill-free formal looks out there.

Matching: Ideally a mother of the bride must aspire to compliment or at least co-ordinate with the general look and feel or theme of the wedding.  When picking mother of the bride dresses, season, formality and a whole host of additional factors will need to be taken into consideration.  Whether or not the mother of the bride dresses suits the bridal party attire is entirely a matter of discretion for the bride.

While some brides prefer to have both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom match the bridesmaids, contemporary wedding etiquette dictates that brides today allow their mothers to choose their apparel.  For something less formal you may need to choose a shorter dress.  The bride can express a preference for the mother of the bride to follow the formality and style of the wedding, or to at least co-ordinate the color of her outfit to match the rest of the wedding party, and your party also need the shiny lighting fixtures.

Style: Contemporary motherareen’t expected to wear matronly mother of the bride dresses, and there is now various trendy, halter and even strapless dresses out there for the modern mother of the bride.  When it comes to selecting a mother of the bride dress the choices are infinite.  Traditionally, the mother of the bride wears a floor length gown, accompanied by a formal jacket or bolero.  There are hundreds of beautiful floor length mother of the bride dresses in jackets or boleros to choose from of course, but you d ”t necessarily need to stay with tradition if you don’t need to.

Colour: The most frequently asked question by a Mother of the Bride is exactly what color should I wear?  There are now many options available.  The rule should choose whatever you want as long as didn’t detract from the bride isn’t the same color as her dress.

Traditionally speaking, it’s wise to avoid dresses in the white ivory, and champagne color family which may match the bride.  Many argue that black should be avoided because it indicates mourning and for that reason disapproval of the impending nuptials from the mother of the bride in black.

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Nevertheless black is classic, chic, and formal, and even reds are popularly regarded as having the ability to be worn by mothers of the bride if done tastefully.  The only hard and fast rule is to discuss color choices with the bride and try to oblige in respecting her wishes.  She may have no reservations about you wearing bold colors, or alternately may prefeyouto wear subdued yet stately colors in the lavender, silver, burgundy and blue families.

Most mothers of the bride opt for a color which is personally flattering, fitting their skin tone, is age appropriate, and harmoniously suits other dresses at the bridal party.

There’s absolutely no reason why you need to wear plain beige.  Some people today believe it’s best to stick to pastels a warmer climate and select deeper shades in the autumn and winter.  Selecting a color that looks great for the mother of the bride should be the priority.

While some daughters may express a preference for their mothers to wear a mum of thbride’ses dress in the same general color family as the bridal party; other daughters are delighted to permit their mothers to select a color that completely contrasts with the bridesmaids dresses on the color wheel.

Some girls don’t even select a single color block and wear either patterns or multiple colors.  If in any doubt you can’t go wrong in wearing neutral colors as they go with anything, however, if you select a neutral colored mother of the bride gown, ensure that it is a saturated color, so you don’t seem washed out.

Suit or dress: Even though mother’s dresses are referred to as mother of the bridge ” dresses, didn’t mean that you need to wear a dress, and there are several suits which have been made for the mother of the bride.

Fabric: The bride isn’t the only one who can wear lace in a wedding.  Lace is a stunning fabric that’s acceptable for any member of the wedding party, but will probably look best on the mother and the bride, being elegant and having a distinctly romantic air.

Size: Those of us with generous curve needn’t worry anymore about finding attractive Mother Of The Bride Dresses.  You don’t need to wear over-sized dresses without a shape to them.  Look for dresses that compliment your full-figured curves and de-emphasize your favorite features.

Ordering: Shopping, ordering and fitting your mother of the brides dress can take just as long to order and fit the bride’s apparel, if not even more!  There’s also a tradition that you need to choose your dress before the mother of the groom picking hers out of courtesy so be sure you order you mother of the brides dresses early.  However, this strategy is now considered old-fashioned and somewhat unrealistic.

There’s always a case to be made that adhering to tradition for the sake of it is a lost cause.  So abandon all your preconceptions and have fun shopping for your mother of the bride dress, enjoying all the variety out there.

When shopping for a mother of the brides dress it’s a terrific idea to bring a photograph of the bride and bridal dresses as a guide when you are shopping and deciding what to select as a mother of the bride gown.