History of Baju Kurung in Malaysia

Clothes have been an integral part of all cultures. Different cultures follow different traditional outfits, and the same has been observed since the prehistoric era. Among all other conventional outfits, Baju Kurung, Malaysia’s formal dress, is the one we are talking about.

Every part of this dress represents Malaysia and its culture. Baju Kurung dates back to the 1st century when Indian and Chinese merchants introduced silk and cotton to the Malaysian traders. Earlier, the clothing was loose-fitted and was mostly worn with a sarong.

Though this outfit matches the Islamic culture, it was adored by the Malaysian women long before Islam arrived. Just like the men’s outfit, this outfit also includes two pieces of clothing, ‘shawl,’ that is wrapped around the head, and a sarong, ‘kain kemban,’ that was adored as a skirt. 

The clothes were designed with the idea of keeping women protected from the heat during extreme summer. All the sectors of Malaysian society still wear this outfit. However, the noble section uses a much better quality of fabric.  The wealthy class usually adores this traditional dress with expensive jewelry and accessories, while an average Malaysian woman keeps the look much more straightforward and authentic.

The Evolution of Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung Malaysia has seen many changes right from the stage it became a part of every Malaysian woman. In the earlier days, this traditional outfit was a long and bulky attire with a limited number of designs. But now, this outfit has also tasted the essence of evolution. Nowadays, women love wearing short dresses that are much comfortable and tailored according to their preferences. 

Nowadays, the dress is made shorter and is available in different shapes and designs. A long skirt has also become a significant part of this outfit and is usually worn to complete the look. Unlike the traditional attire, designers create Baju Kurung with heavy embroidered work on the drees’ neck and sleeves. You can adore the bottom skirt with or without a slit, and it can be designed in different designs that suit you the most. 

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