How Tight Should Your Waist Trainer Be?

In your Waist Trainer, we regularly get a question about how tight the sneaker should be for the waist. This is, of course, a very good question, but some elements must be taken into account in the answer.

It Should Feel Tight.

When you wear your waist trainer for the first time, it should feel tight. You would like to have a slimmer waist and reach that hourglass shape, and without any compression, you will not reach that. However… the waist trainer should not restrict your breathing in any way or also should not pinch you. If that is the case, please take your waist trainer off immediately. You do not want to risk injuring yourself!

This is a rule of thumb, and you should decide for yourself what feels comfortable or not, but the trainer should be tight enough to feel the compression. However, you should still be able to do your day-to-day-activities and your workout exercises, and your waist trainer should not cause any pain during these activities.

Putting On Your Waist Trainer

It can be a challenge to put on your shape wear for the first time, and some women might even think they ordered the wrong size or type. Make it fit, wrap the waist trainer around yourself, and make sure it is above your hips (most women are thinner on the waist). To make it fit correctly, you could suck in a bit. Please do not use brute force to make it fit, and you are risking damaging the waist trainer.

After putting the waist trainer on, you should see an immediate effect, at least a step closer to your hourglass shape. If that’s not the case and the trainer is very loose around your waist, then it could be that your shape wear is too big and that you should order a smaller size or perhaps a different type of waist trainer.

Take Measurements

The key to having shape wear that fits; perfectly, is measuring various parts of your body! In our tutorial article ‘How to measure for your waist trainer,’ you will find a step-by-step guide on how to measure and choose the best waist trainer.

Smaller Waist Trainer

Using a waist trainer, working out regularly, and eating healthy food, you should be able to get a smaller waist. As a consequence, it may also appear that after a certain period, your waist trainer no longer fits perfectly and does not provide sufficient compression. That’s a great moment for you and a good moment to follow the steps in the How to cover for your waist trainer – article again to order a new and smaller waist trainer