How to Successfully Use Hair Straightener on Black Hair

Have you tried straightening hair but not getting the desired results? That is despite the fact that you are using the best flat iron hair straightener, as the commercial suggests. Well, the reason could be not the flat iron but the technique!

These tips can help you to use a hair straightener on black hair successfully:

Clean Hair

Aside from well-conditioned locks, it must also be clean. Dirt and dust can be “baked” once pressed with a hot straightener. Use shampoo of your favorite brand. Use anti-dandruff shampoo if your scalp is itchy. You may interest to check the flat iron guide that can help you.

Well-Conditioned Hair

Hair conditioner’s effect is different from hair protectants. Using hair conditioner regularly helps maintain soft, shiny, and manageable hair. Before using hair straightener session, make sure you have deep conditioned the hair.

Balm Or Serum

Apply balm or serum after shampooing and conditioning the hair. This adds luster to the hair, and it is also good for ladies who had their hair relaxed. If you live in a moisture-filled air climate, look for humidity-resistant formulas. That is to avoid frizzy hair when going out.

Heat Protectant

After drying the hair, apply a heat protectant. And never ever set the temperature so high if you use a heat protectant. It can make the hair brittle, burned and yes, damaged. Most hair straighteners can be as high as 450 degrees. You don’t have to crank it up that high. Start from the lowest temperature then set it higher until you get the comfortable setting that can straighten your hair.

Avoid Oil

Oil is a big no-no if are still about to flat iron your hair. But it is perfectly advisable after the ironing. Natural oil can add luster, shine, and a little volume to your fine hair. See the list where you can choose easily from the 10 alternative hair straighteners.

Completely Dry Hair

Hair must be completely dry before ironing. Otherwise, a hot flat iron can fry and frizz up the hair. Towel dry the hair after cleaning it if you have ample time. You may also slowly blow dry when it is 80 percent dry.

Slow And Steady

Flat iron’s best result is experienced by using it slowly yet at a steady flow. That is the technique that hair straightener is made to give the desired results. Do not let the iron sit in one place for a long period of time. Begin closest to the hair roots, near the nape. Use comb or brush chase method in straightening the hair with the hair straightener