Tips on How to Dress Your Children Stylish Clothes

Simple children’s clothes such as baby vests go a long way in determining the dressing style. They influence theme colour, fashion and baby appearance. However, the bottom line in baby dressing is comfort and smartness, which contribute to stylish dressing and an enticing appearance. This article will explain the factors and tips to consider when stylishly dressing your children

Comfort Over Style

Children’s form of communication is through crying. They cry when they are uncomfortable with anything, including clothing. As a parent or guardian, do not impose any cloth on your toddler, even if it is stylish. Baby vests and undergarments are the main concern since they have direct contact with the baby’s body.

To mitigate this, ensure you buy slightly bigger clothes to allow space between the baby’s body and the skin. The baby can also use them over time, giving you value for money. If you have to choose between comfort and style, choose comfort. However, strive to get clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Match-Mixing Colour

Children’s clothes are big on colour as they bring out the best. As much as there is a distinct colour for baby boys and girls, progressive parents can create a colour blend that appeals to both genders. For example, green, black and grey are universal colours which your child can put on with any colour. However, observe the following:

  • Your cloth colour mix should not have more than 3 colours.
  • The top (shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets or T-shirts) should come in brighter colours.
  • Do not be conservative. Use both conventional and bright colours, as long as you do not overdo it.
  • If you want to dress your baby for a family outing, ensure they stand out, especially if the occasion has a specific dressing code.

Festive season style tips for kids | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express


They offer a great opportunity to break the cloth colour block. From headbands to neckties, sunglasses and baby hats, they add glam and charm to the style. A bright-coloured baby headband goes well with any coloured dress. However, dark-coloured dresses are the best. The same concept works well with baby caps or baby girl princess crowns.

However, do not use too many accessories as they may colour-clash with the original style. If the dress, top or shirt is dark coloured, ensure the headband is coloured or flowery to enhance the style. In essence, you can complement dress colours with accessories to come up with a unique cloth style.


Depending on the season, your baby’s style should stand out. Winter and summer are extreme opposite, and your choice of clothes should bring out the best. Jackets, gloves, sweaters and head caps should show your colour style, preferably bright colours. On the other hand, dresses, shirts, sunglasses and baby vests make it to the summer’s stylish list.

The most visible part of the child’s clothes should showcase fashion and style. However, do not over-emphasise colour and type of cloth at the expense of over-exposure to adverse weather conditions.

Other tips for styling your child include:

  • Following the latest fashion trends
  • Avoid grown-up fashion styles, and
  • Clothes brands.