To Fur Or Not To Fur – That Is The Question This Winter While Buying A Leather Jacket

We all remember the sound of Tom Cruise´s motorcycle speeding its way to the horizon at sunset. Moreover, we all remember the iconic pilot leather jacket he wore to play his character in Top Gun. Would you wear it? That is exactly the question we need to answer for this winter: to fur or not to fur?

Why Fur?

The fur is the quintessential pilot look not only because of Tom Cruise´s Maverick but because of a century of heritage. Some companies manufacture truly warm wonders out of shearling leather which is soft, warm, and flexible. Besides being a great coat, fur takes any given design to the next level. You can reinvent any style with a fur collar on it.

What Models Can I Choose From?

Speaking of models, there are some companies that offer up to 35+ models only for men on their website. This is to say that choosing fur is not deciding upon which jacket model you want, but rather adding a trendy element to a great design.

In case you are a girl, you can throw some 15+ more models to the 35+ above. In fact, the furry collar on leather jackets is perfect for most hairstyles and adds glamour to any outfit. You could just wear some washed jeans and a white t-shirt but throwing a furry-collared jacket to your shoulders will enhance your style 200%.

Besides, whether you like wearing your leather tight and classic or long and classy there´s surely a perfect model for you.

Are Colors An Option?

The leather used to be all about black and brown but lately, that trend has changed. The first color to break the mold was white but nowadays you can find almost any color you like. Some brands offer colorful jackets in blue, red, and even yellow; top it off with a furry collar and you have the best of both worlds in a single jacket.

Long Or Short?

The quintessential leather jacket look is always the short jacket ending in your hip line. But frankly, there are no rules for it. Here are some tips to follow regarding your body type:

Tall people – If you match the description in the title, then the best bet for you is to maximise that asset. Buying a long coat with a furry collar such as a trench coat will make you look classy and elegant.

Short people – For those of us who don´t consider ourselves tall, the best bet is to find a smaller jacket that will accentuate our body composition. Wearing long trench coats being short is not elegant, but the opposite.

This being said, every rule is meant to be at least bent, so experiment until you feel comfortable with your body and your clothing.


Furry leather jackets are the revival of an old classic. Will they take the market by storm this season? That is yet to be seen, but with the durability, they offer better to get one now and use it forever. Always remember that leather jackets just get better with time.