Top Five Push Up Bra Silhouettes In The Market Today!

The fashion of bra has progressed incredibly to push-up bras. As the name suggests, these are bras designed to push the breasts upwards to create an enticing cleavage. The bra is highly-rated because of the stylish cleavage it gives to ladies. Different brands are designing push-up bras, such as Roza. It has a wide range of brands like Roza sefia push-up bras and Roza Kalisa push-up bras, which come in different colors like white, black, and even red.

To choose the perfect push-up bra, below are some of the tips to use.

  • Consider your chest size. That will enable you to choose the right size for yourself. If you do not know the ideal one, it is always advisable to consult a fit specialist. The specialist will give you the guidelines to help determine your chest size.
  • Know the color. Before buying a push-up bra, note down the color and even embellishments you want.
  • Know the type of silhouettes you want in your bra. These include the materials and even the design used. Consider these unique features to help you buy the ideal push-up bra.

Below Is The Brief Overview Of The Push-Up Bra Designs

Strapless Push-Up Bras

This is the type of push-up bra designed with no shoulder straps on it. It is ideal for ladies with petite breasts and matches well with shirts and top-dresses that reveal the shoulders. They are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Demi Cup Push Up Bras

Demi cup pushes up bras are designed with caps that partially cover the breasts. This design pushes the breasts up and inward, creating a subtle cleavage. It is ideal for women who are not comfortable in under-wired bras. They are comfortable to wear in low-cut tops and dresses with beautiful necklines.

Padded Push-Up Bras

Padded push-up bras get designed with an extra lining layer in the cups. The extra lining layer helps giving fuller cleavage for ladies with small breasts. Women with small breasts can wear these bras with tops and dresses to portray an impression of slightly larger breasts. It is not ideal for women with large breasts.

Full Coverage Push Up Bras

Full coverage push-up bra is made with cups that cover the breasts completely. They have minimum exposure to your breasts. It is ideal for women with larger breasts. It is designed in a way that it accommodates fuller breasts, thus providing adequate support and appearance.

Sports Push Up Bras

Sports push-up bra is customized with both push-up bra and sports bra. They are ideal to be worn at the gym by physically active women. These bras fit snugly and hold the breast in place during the exercises.


In conclusion, whether you are flat-chested or big-busted, there is always an ideal bra for every woman. From the above article, there are various designs to suit every woman. It is advisable not to wear push-up bras for a long duration as it may cause discomfort.