Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost

Your wedding dress is probably your favourite dress, and it should be! After all, it is the dress that reminds you of one of the most important days of your life.

However, the beauty and elegance of your wedding dress don’t really the same when you wear it again. That doesn’t mean you cannot use it again.

There are multiple ways to clean your wedding dress. But, dry cleaning is the safest and the best option to restore the elegance of your wedding gown.

But how much does this dry cleaning cost?

Check out the standard estimated Dry Cleaner Galway cost as well as few tips that will help you to avoid paying too much.

Typical Cost

Currently, the cost of wedding dress dry cleaning is between €150 and €200. Whether the dress is in-house dry cleaned or sent somewhere is a big factor in determining the cost of dry cleaning of your wedding dress. Usually, the dry cleaning cost is a flat rate, even if the design of the dress is complex and having multiple layers and beading. Don’t pay more than $200 for basic dry cleaning.

The additional cost of cleaning includes getting your dress boxed instead of bagged. The add-on price for boxed dry cleaning dress can go from €50-€125. Although it cost more, getting your dress boxed will preserve the look of your dress for a longer time.

Another factor that can add cost to your dry cleaning is removing oil stains from your wedding dress. Some stains are included in the basic dry cleaning price, but the oil stain isn’t one of them.

Depending on how much oily the dress is, it would cost you €50 more.

Hire Professional for Dry Cleaning

Obviously, your wedding is your dream dress, so you don’t want to risk it by cleaning it yourself. Hiring a cheaper dry cleaner might save some money, but it increases the risk of damaging your dress due to lack of experience. Also, these cheaper dry cleaners do not have the proper equipment to clean your wedding dress.

So, do some research and hire the best and skilled professional for the dry cleaning of your wedding dress.

Professional cleaners are equipped with the latest technologies and dry cleaning machines to offer you the best dry cleaning services. You will get your wedding dress with the same look and elegance as the newly purchased dress.

How much time does it take to dry clean your dress?

The dry cleaning of your dress could take a few days to one month depending upon how many layers does your wedding dress has, and how busy your dry cleaner is.

If your dry cleaner isn’t busy, then it would take 2-3 days to get your dress dry cleaned.

Tip: It is always recommended storing your wedding dress in a container that is Ph neutral or acid-free to prevent unwanted discoloration. Also, do not hang your wedding dress for a longer duration as it can strain the fabric of the dress. Take the best care of your dress. After all, it is an important dress that should be properly cared to lasts for years to come.