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Which Glass Frame Will Suit My Face?

Which Glass Frame Will Suit My Face?

When you are stuck with eyeglasses why don’t you find the one that will make you look stylish and suit your face appropriately? If you have a general idea about your face and lifestyle it will be best to find the best glasses at It is all about finding a style that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you have a round, oval, triangular, diamond, square or heart-shaped face this guide will help you to find the best for your face.

Find Your Face Shape

The first app is to find the face shape according to your facial features. Broad forehead and chin with angular jawline is square shaped face. If everything is in similar length and width with a soft cheekbone and jawline then it is a round face. If your chin and forehead are narrow while your cheeks are wider, then it is a diamond face. While everything is like a diamond face but your jawline is curved then it is an oval face. A heart-shaped face will look like a white forehead and narrow chain with a full cheekbone. A triangular face has a narrow forehead white jawline and chin.

These basic face shapes will help you to identify the perfect shape.

Find The Lens According To Your Face Shape

Once you workout with your face shape it’s time to choose a glass that will suit your face.


Face shape is the important thing when you choose any glasses. Along with that, you need to make them complimentary with the size of your face.

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