Why Should I Stay At Home If I Am Healthy?

All young people are actually asking this question during the pandemic. You see, it is quite a common phenomenon for young people not to be able to understand exactly what the problem might be right now. We have a coronavirus that is claiming the lives of many and, if you do not want to be just another statistic need to simply follow certain rules.

The Virus Is Not Target Groups Specific

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However, as it has been announced by the news over and over again, Covid-19 can be quite dangerous but it mostly kills very specific groups of people. Usually older people with health problems. As a result, a lot of young people out there are insisting that they are quite safe. They might well be exercising every single day and keeping themselves perfectly healthy. Why are they in danger from the virus?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Although the virus mostly kills people from a certain age up and people who have health problems, it infects pretty much everyone. As a result, you might not actually be in danger of dying from the virus but you are in danger of infecting other people with it. Now if you live with your grandparents or if your parents have certain health issues then you might be the reason why they get infected and perhaps even worse.

There Is Still A Risk Of Dying From It

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At the same time, you need to understand that although the chances of you dying from the coronavirus are quite slim they are not non-existent. Websites like Proviser are using state-of-the-art technology and official data to explain to people exactly what the risk of them dying from coronavirus is. You will notice that, even if you are a young healthy person there is still a risk of you dying from the virus.

If you want even more information regarding the risk you could be in, check out the Proviser Covid-19 risk calculator.   It will help you to understand exactly how the virus is going to affect your body. Yes, perhaps you might find out that the chances of you dying from the virus are only one in 40,000 but the risk is still there. Do you really want to take it? So staying at home is important even for a young healthy person to escape the coronavirus.