5 Healthy Tips To Help Your Dreadlocks Grow Faster

Dreadlocks are one of the most amazing and free hairstyles that offer your mane an amazing look. Although dreadlocks can offer a fun look, most of the people worry about their hair growth. With some special hair care routine, your dreadlocks can grow as fast as regular hair. You need to be a little patient and wait for your hair to grow naturally. To ensure that your dreadlocks grow faster and better, you need to maintain them continuously.

Opt for a healthier diet, make sure you intake the right amount of vitamins and minerals, wash your hair regularly, and if necessary, include some special supplements to make your dreadlocks grow faster. You need to follow a regular hair care routine to make your dreadlocks look attractive and make them grow healthy and strong. Keep reading this article, if you want to know how to get dreadlocks to grow faster. You can actually speed up the procedure of hair growth by following the below-mentioned tips.

Five tips to get your dreadlocks grow faster

1. Improve The Blood Circulation

Your dreadlocks also require a steady supply of nutrients and minerals to grow and flourish. Your locks could grow less and end up starving without a healthy flow of blood that will help carry the nutrients to the hair. Think of doing some upside-down yoga exercises that will help get more blood to the head. Massaging your scalp on a regular basis for a few minutes will also stimulate blood flow to your hair and ensure faster and healthier hair growth.

Massaging will pump nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles, which will help them grow. It will also help you distribute the oil all across the hair making your hair soft and shiny while preventing the build-up of dead skin cells. Get a gentle massage of your scalp with your fingers and encourage healthy faster dreadlocks growth. Also, make sure you intake plenty of food items containing irons that will improve the blood circulation.

2. Use Natural Oils

Plenty of chemicals and drugs are available in the market that claims to help you grow your hair faster and healthier. But some of the best natural oils such as Jamaican castor oil that contains proteins and fatty acids that are beneficial for your dreadlocks. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants which support the keratin present in your hair. It also contains plenty of ricinoleic acids that also help to improve the hair scalps blood circulation.

Most of the people use this oil by mixing it with coconut oil because they find castor oil a bit sticky and thick. Coconut oil also contains a wide range of beneficial vitamins that help to speed up the growth of the dreadlocks. Mix a half-half solution of both the oils and apply it to your hair scalp. Leave it for about half an hour or one and rinse it off. Be patient because it will take some time to see your dreadlocks growing even if you involve such healthy tips.

3. Offer Your Dreadlocks Some Special Protection

Always protect your hair by wrapping them in a silk cover or scarf while sleeping. Go for a satin pillowcase in spite of a cotton pillowcase at night. Cotton dry out your locks and leads to lint problems whereas satin or silk helps to keep your hair moisturized and reduces frizz during the night. You can also choose a reliable conditioning treatment that will help lock in the natural oils present on your hair. Also, cover your dreadlocks with a swimming cap in the swimming pool or the shower. This will help keep your locks safe and dry.


4. Avoid Stress And Stay Happy

Your body produces extra stress hormones named cortisol and adrenaline when you deal with something stressful. Stress activates these hormones that affect the entire body, including the immune system and hair. These hormones tend to slow down the hair growth rate and cause hair fall. If you’re struggling to stay calm, you can also look into taking OG Kush, which is the world’s most popular cannabis strains. Avoid difficult situations and people, involve yourself in plenty of exercises, get proper sleep, and find a certain amount of time from your daily schedule to relax.

5. Avoid Re-Twisting Your Locks

At times twisting is necessary, but there are times when you don’t even realize that you have been twisting your dreadlocks continuously for too long. Involve yourself into a twisting routine but make an effort to break the habit of twisting your locks continuously while watching on Netflix, checking your mails, or while reading. Instead, practice the method of palm rolling to maintain your dreadlocks. Palm rolling will help to tighten and compress the locks while preventing or curing kinks, lumps, bumps, and general hair disarray on your dreads.

These healthy and simple tips mentioned above will help you get your dreadlocks to grow faster and healthier with time. Always remember all it needs is some time and patience to help them grow.