Cuff Bracelets You Need to Get Your Hands on This Season

A girl can never have too much jewellery. As the seasons transition, so does the landscape of our accessories. We love that each new season brings us new shapes, colours and textures to refresh our look with.

And now – as we look ahead to winter thawing – we can start to look forward to exposing our arms again and leaving the mittens at home. That means that this season our eyes are firmly fixed on beautiful bracelets that will add some sparkle to our wrists.

Bracelets are often overshadowed by jewellery such as pendant necklaces, statement rings and drop earrings. But the alluring cuff bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to any of these other accessories. Equally, you can wear a cuff as a standalone piece and know that your outfit will feel complete.

To help you put your best wrist forward, here are 5 beautiful cuff bracelets that you need to get your hands on this season.

Urban Chic

This dainty cuff is perfect for slender wrists and for women who are new to experimenting with bracelets. Available in yellow gold, rose gold and silver – you can select the hue that you are most attracted to or that flatters your skin tone.

This cuff bracelet also comes with a rainbow of different gemstones to choose from. So you can make it as personal as you like by selecting your favourite jewel.

With its simplicity, this minimalist cuff bracelet is well-suited for women with busy jobs who like their jewellery to blend in seamlessly. That being said, once 5 o’clock rolls around – you can wear it to dinner or for an impromptu cocktail and you’ll feel ultra-chic!

When to wear it: A coffee or brunch date or whilst at the office

Into the Woods

As the weather starts to gradually warm up, we’re going to start dreaming about springtime walks in a crisp woodland – alive with daffodils, daisies and bluebells.

But whilst we wait, let’s bring a little slither of forest fashion to our wrists until then!

This cuff bracelet uses traditional handmade jewellery techniques of hammering to create a surface that will make you think of woodland wanders. As you run your finger along the textured design you can feel that spark of magic.

Wear this enchanting cuff with your shoulder season boots and a leather jacket. What’s more, it goes just as well with jeans and a jumper as it does with a flirty floral dress!

When to wear it: springtime walks and summer garden parties

Signature Style

This Baori Signature cuff bracelet is the perfect example of contemporary geometric design.

Inspired by the remarkable Chand Baori stepwell, this eye-catching design will not go unnoticed. We recommend wearing it on days when you need that extra confidence boost that reminds you that you are one in a million.

It looks striking with a black dress or jumpsuit and we suggest teaming it with the coordinating stud earrings.

When to wear it: dinner, important meetings or a wedding

Golden Hive

For fearless women – your local handmade jewellery boutique has your back. This textured cuff bracelet features chunky pixel shapes that reflect the light and shimmer in style.

Whilst available in a number of metals, the gold version really hits you with the wow factor.

You can wear this piece solo or if you want to crank it up a notch – you can team it with the coordinating pieces and make a bold splash.

When to wear it: festivals, artistic events and concerts

Mini Cuff

Similar to the urban cuff, this slightly smaller version of the urban cuff bracelet is appropriate for women with daintier wrists.

Oozing sophistication this cuff is the embodiment of effortless, contemporary glamour. Again, this collection of beautiful bracelets comes with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones to choose from. Choose your stone with care – it is the perfect conversation starter when you’re on a first date or whilst on the move.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this is a top choice to take on a holiday or weekend getaway. We also applaud its versatility – you can wear this with casual and formal wear alike. It’s simple enough that you can mix it with some stack rings or a pendant necklace without looking overdressed.

When to wear it: first dates and whilst travelling