Yes, Creole Earrings Are Back in Fashion and We Love it!

A diamond earrings set may be a woman’s best friend but how much cooler would it be to be able to show off some Creole earrings white gold to your friends, family, and loved ones? You could get a pair for yourself or even gift one to your loved one, and you can rest assured that you’ve made a fashionably forward choice.

Wait…What is a Creole Earring? 

This type of earring, popular in the 1850s, is in the shape of a hoop that is broader at the bottom and narrows down towards the top. These inconsistently thick earrings are usually oval-shaped, but some are available in the shape of a triangle.

What do Creole Earrings Represent?

Creole earrings have been around for a long time, with the oldest discovery being decorated with jade stones 8000 years ago in Mongolia.  Historically, gold Creole earrings were worn mainly by men like pirates, sailors, and seafarers in the left ear and regarded as a sign of prosperity and fertility.

The Popularity of Creole Earrings in the Present day and Age

Creole earrings white gold are still worn by many carpenters and building artisans today as a symbol representing their guild. But paying respect to the ancestors of the past isn’t the only reason people are wearing Creole earrings today. You’re likely to come across many people wearing Creole earrings white gold today who aren’t even aware of the rich and fascinating history behind this unique piece of jewellery. They may not have a clue how to trace back the origin of the earring, but they’re wearing it, and the popularity of this type of jewellery has increased manifold in the current day and age.

Creole earrings are not and never being just for women. Historically, they have been worn by men and even at present, their shapes and unique designs continue to amaze people identifying with any gender across the gender spectrum.

Whether it’s models, celebrities, or just regular people shopping for some Creole earrings white gold, this type of jewellery is here to stay. They offer connections with the rich past and celebrate the uniqueness of each piece, making it easier for buyers of such jewellery to recognise and appreciate the same.

They also make great gifts and can help you convey to your with loved one one just how much they mean to you. Have you got your pair of Creole earrings white gold as yet?