Different Types Of Disc Jockeys You Should Know About

Disc Jockeys are becoming ever so famous with the help of different platforms they are able to reach out to the people. The current day DJ, can entertain different kinds of audience with the skills developed through practice. However, it is essential to know that every DJ does not fit for a specific occasion. For example, wedding disc jockeys Kelowna are the best at wedding performances; whereas, the club DJs fire up the mood at a party situation. Therefore, people looking to hire a DJ for different occasions should know about the different types of Disc Jockeys:

Wedding Disc Jockeys [DJs] – The wedding DJs are also called as Event DJs and Mobile DJs. They do great work before and during the event. An Airwaves Music DJ has to introduce guests, announce anything important, narrate slideshows, set the music based on the mood and if needed change the mood with the music. There are many other functions that need the attention of a wedding DJ. They will bring with them the most awesome collection of music that touches every genre and are skilled at reading the interests of the audience.

Club Disc Jockeys [DJs] – Club DJs can be found at various places of popular demand such as night clubs, bars, raves, discos, etc. Their main role is to mix, scratch and match the beat with unbelievable skill levels. One could say that a club DJ is similar to a Kelowna wedding DJ in one thing i.e. he has to maintain the energy levels of the crowd throughout without failure. Club DJs most often do not get their gear and expect the people hiring to provide the great. If necessary, they need to hire the required mixers, turntables, etc. for the show.

Radio Disc Jockeys [DJs] – They are well known and well listened to DJs across the planet. The role of a radio DJ does not confine to providing popular music, but he has to entertain the audience through interviews, live telecast, contests, banter, interactions and many other shows. An ultimate need for these jockeys is the presence of an attractive and strong voice that is compatible through a radio mouthpiece. Similar to wedding disc jockeys Kelowna, they will take the requests of the audience and play the tracks.

Karaoke Jockeys [KJs] – They are professional performers found at lavish parties and karaoke bars. They follow the current trend and possess a huge list of songs that can cater the needs of any listener. Whenever, there is a need he will take the microphone and sings songs to entertain the crowd. He is able to excite the crowd whenever there is a passive session and is a master at encouraging the crowd to dance for the beat.

These are main types of Disc Jockeys that one could find for hiring. To hire a Kelowna wedding DJ or a club DJ or any of the above, it is better to consult a reputed agency that helps in finding the appropriate one for the occasion.