Outfit Ideas for Any Summer Event

Now that the temperatures are rising and the days are becoming brighter, it’s easy to see that summer is on its way. Warmer weather means finally putting away the winter coats and woolly jumpers and replacing them with wide-brimmed hats and stylish sunglasses.

Since summer is when there are more opportunities to spend time outside, there are also usually more events for people to attend. Furthermore, many engaged couples choose to plan their wedding for the summer so that they can get the best photographs of their big day. Barbecues and days at the beach are also summer events that might require you to wear an alternative outfit.

If you want to look your best this summer – whatever the occasion may be – here are a few outfit ideas to give you inspiration.

Thin Layers

Most people think of winter when they envision an outfit with layers. Although summer does indeed mean warmer weather, that doesn’t mean it will always be scorching hot. Some summer days can be unpredictable depending on where you live, meaning that lightweight layers can help to keep you warm or cool if the weather changes unexpectedly. Find a summer jacket or fine knit cardigan to easily put on or take off as needed.

Vibrant Prints

Colourful and exciting prints are more popular in summer due to the increased light which shows off the variety of hues and shapes. Try out a different pattern or blend several prints together to create a vivid and unique look, as summer is definitely the best time to get away with more daring outfits.

15 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for Women | Vogue

Transitional Statement Pieces

Many people find that summer transforms their daily routines and encourages more opportunities for leisure. This means that you might be meeting friends for lunch, going to a dinner party, then hitting the dance floor all in one day.

Transitional statement pieces such as a glamorous accessory can help to make an otherwise ordinary outfit ready for a night on the town. Visit judithleiber.com for accessory inspiration. You don’t need to rush home and change your outfit between events – simply think about how to transition your outfit from day to night when you get ready in the morning. Details such as shoes, bags, and jewellery are ideal for this purpose.

Lightweight Materials

Choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable when picking clothes for a summer outfit. Heavier, thicker materials will constrict your movement and trap the heat, which isn’t fun on a hot day. Linen and cotton are examples of good summer fabrics.

Stay True to Your Style

Some people find it easier to dress to their own personal style in specific seasons. If you are someone who prefers expressing yourself through winter outfits, this doesn’t mean that you should feel restricted in the summer. Take the time to explore different options before buying clothes so that you choose items you can easily fit into your existing wardrobe.

Use the above tips to help you figure out the perfect outfit no matter what the summer event might be.