Choosing The Perfect Party Dress For Every Occasion

There are so many different ways to celebrate in life, and part of the fun of an upcoming special event is getting to go shopping for the perfect dress. If you aren’t sure about what to look for the process can be a bit more than frustrating. We all want to find something with a “wow” factor, but how do we match that with the occasion?

Whether you will be attending a wedding, an office Christmas party or a family gathering considering the type of occasion and who will be there is a big part of choosing the style of your dress. You should also be considering what style of dress is the most flattering to your body shape, what time of year it is as well as what looks the best with your coloring.

Take an honest friend with you that will help you weed through the pile of potential dresses. If you are not sure what looks best with your natural coloring but you have found a dress that suits your shape, try asking for the dress in different colors and the right one will stand out to you.

Take a look at some of the style guidelines for different occasions that we have listed below to help you with your search for the perfect party dress.

Work Parties

This can be a tough one for many women. Parties are meant to be times of celebration, but an office party can still be all about business. It’s best to use a bit of caution and try more for classy and subtle and less skin showing and flare. Try to keep your normal office attire guidelines in mind when choosing an outfit and even consider an elegant suit for the occasion.

Girls Night Out

This is your time to shine! Let your funky style show! Have some fun when choosing your dress, express yourself and even be a bit daring. Keep in mind what activities you ladies will be doing as well. If you are going to be out all night dancing, you will want to wear something fun but also comfortable.

Black Tie Event

There aren’t many occasions left where you can really go all out with a dress but a black tie event is one of them. Say yes to a full length gown that compliments your body style and is comfortable. You don’t want to choose anything that is made from heavy fabrics, you’ll be dragging it around all night. Try to stay away from dresses that are too “bridal” or “princessy” and keep to the elegant classics.

Wedding Guest

Although weddings are a great time to celebrate, remember that it is the Bride’s day and you don’t want to outshine her. This means “no white” for anyone but the bride. If you can find out in advance, you may also want to avoid wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids as well. Weddings can make for a long day of activity so make sure that whatever you choose is not only comfortable but made of sturdy enough fabrics to last all day. No one wants to be wearing a saggy dress that you end up hiking up all night.

New Year’s Eve

This is your time to shine! New years is the best time to get creative and flashy. Try out something that sparkles or is a bright color you haven’t worn before. It’s all about the celebration so make sure that you are comfortable yet still fabulous.