Marry Your Stylish Side With White Prom Dresses

There is something about high couture in light tones that’s captivating; maybe it has to do with its purity or that they look extremely elegant. The best proof of this is the celebrities on the red carpets, a parade of exquisite fashion pieces with perfect lines and complexity (or simplicity). That is why we have decided to dedicate this article to white prom dresses, an unusual option for a one-of-a-kind night.

Fashion sense

Whoever wears white prom dresses will look fresh, trendy and, of course, impeccable. And precisely because of the care that should be taken with them is that sometimes we think that it is not our best alternative. However, this element depends on the fashion house behind. We’ve received a lot of inspiration from great fashion houses like Jovani -a firm that has dedicated a whole line of its most recent collection to offer haute couture – and created a series of tips to help dress well this prom season.

Custom-made styles

When choosing prom dresses, there are options meant for each girl, one you can easily adapt to your style. For example, on dark skin or a good tan, a white dress will highlight and make you shine. In case you look you have an ashen complexion, use a dress that combines white with another contrasting color.

Tight to your figure

If you want to show off that sculpted figure achieved in the gym, the white color can become your biggest ally if you opt for a model attached to the body. To give volume to your hips, you can choose designs that include some flare in the area. Also, if the piece has lace inserts is a plus, it will give a distinctive touch to your look.

Olympus worthy

Inspired by ancient Greece, with these models you will not have to worry if your measurements are not perfect, because they have a free fall, being also very fresh. If single-shoulder models you feel that you lose shape.

The classic lace

If there is a white dress in particular, utterly irresistible, it is the lace one. You can opt for a style that makes us remember the hippie dresses (with t slight sleeves and no more details since the fabric does it all) and you will look sensational. This dress is a mix between romantic and dreamy

Even though many designers have fallen in love with the white lace, Jovani took it to the next level in different models. How could it be otherwise? It also became the favorite of various celebrities.

Royal white dress

I could not help but mention the classic strapless dress with princess cut. This model is perfect for young girls and is ideal for prom night since it’s usually customized in firm and high-quality fabric, with hourglass silhouette created by the bodice.

Create the contrast with your accessories

The key with accessories is not to overload the black dress. Choose a necklace, a pair of earrings;  something that gives the dress a unique touch but does not overshadow it. You can also choose a hair accessory -diadems, brooch, tweezers- or a scarf. For example, accessories are ideal to give color and individual touch to a minimalist black dress.

If you want to break a bit with the “angelic” image that can create a white outfit, you will achieve it by combining it with black belts, shoes or bracelets. A black-and-white duo is always perfect in a gown.


The same thing happens with shoes: you can use any type of handbag or purse, in any color. However, keep in mind that large bags are better for the day (during the diploma ceremony) and small ones for the night. Today clutch is fashionable and can also be used for the day, although perhaps not the most comfortable option.

As you can see, there is more than one blank model that can suit perfectly. If your style is romantic, flirty or more straightforward, this color, with the precise model, will work for you. Just get inspired by some of these looks or check out Loreal Paris USA’s 5 Prom Skin Care Tips to Follow to have more ideas and star the preparation for the event!