How to Wear Shapewear for Tummy Control

Approximately twenty percent of women wear shapewear from time to time and ten percent wear it on a daily basis. Shapewear can increase your confidence, slim your figure, and smooth and accentuate your curves underneath your clothing. However, it can also be tricky to perfect the art of wearing shapewear discretely in a way that fits
and flatters your unique figure.

Every woman’s body is different, but there are some universal do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing shapewear. The majority of women who wear shapewear do so to target their midsection, namely their tummy, hips, waist, love handles, and muffin top. If you’re in the market for tummy control shapewear, keep reading to learn top tips and
tricks that can help you choose and wear your shapewear in a way that is most comfortable and flattering for you.

1. Choose the Right Style

There are many different shapewear styles designed specifically for tummy control. You should choose your shapewear style based on what type of clothes you plan to pair with it, the level of compression you want, and your personal style preferences.

Some of the most popular types of tummy control shapewear include shaper shorts, bodysuit shapers, shaping slips, and shaping panties. Find some examples of these common shapewear styles in this tummy control shapewear guide from to determine which style best fits your needs.

2. Don’t Size Down

Wearing the right size shapewear is just as important as choosing the right style, especially when it comes to shapewear for tummy control. A common mistake that many women—especially those who are new to shapewear—make is buying shapewear in a size that is too small. In theory, this decision makes sense. It’s natural to think that
tighter is always better when it comes to shapewear. In reality, though, wearing toosmall shapewear won’t make you look any slimmer—it will just feel extremely uncomfortable and can even create more unflattering bulges around your midsection.

If you haven’t worn shapewear in the past, experiment with different sizes to determine which one fits you best. Better yet, get fitted by a professional at a lingerie store who understands how shapewear should fit and what level of compression specific pieces should provide. Shapewear fits differently than other clothes, and standard clothes sizes don’t always translate perfectly into shapewear sizes. It tends to require some amount of trial and error to find your ideal size, so be prepared to spend some time trying on shapers to find your perfect fit.

3. Prioritize Comfort

A popular stigma surrounding shapewear is that it is inherently uncomfortable. On the contrary, shapewear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, you should prioritize comfort over all else when choosing shapewear—especially when shopping for tummy control shapewear.

If your shapewear is too tight or itchy or features boning that pokes you in the ribs, don’t wear it. Your midsection is a sensitive, important area that houses most of your vital organs and is responsible for your digestive process. If you compress it too tightly or otherwise irritate it, you can end up with spinal pain, stomach pain, or digestive issues.
Always go for the shapewear that feels comfortable, even if you think it might be slightly less effective at slimming your curves.