The Seven Skirts of LuLaRoe

The newest fashion trend to hit the market is LuLaRoe!    It is a way for people to work their own hours and live their lives outside of a nine to five job. Many of the people who work for LuLaRoe, called consultants, are stay at home moms and teachers looking for extra income. There are shirts, dresses, the ever-popular leggings, and skirts. LuLaRoe skirts come in seven varieties and can be worn in many different ways. LuLaRoe skirts can be worn dressed up or dressed down, professionally or casually, and come in so many different colors and patterns, just like any other LuLaRoe product.

The Lucy is a skirt that is full length, and has a large black elastic waistband. The skirt comes in lace or chiffon varieties, and can be worn with a fancy top and heels for a dressy, date-night look or a casual LuLaRoe shirt for an everyday outfit that will turn heads. The Jill is another longer skirt, that when worn at the waist falls to just below the knee. It can also be worn lower when pulled down to rest at the hips of the wearer. The flowy material has an elastic waistband at the top like the Lucy, but it has accordion pleats to add texture.

The Maxi is probably the most popular of the seven LuLaRoe skirts and for good reason. It is a soft floor length skirt with a thick waistband made of the same skirt material. The skirt is stretchy, flowing, and transitions well from day to night. This is another skirt that can be dressed up with a professional top and the right accessories, or it can be kept casual with a tank top and cozy sweater. Another popular skirt option is the Cassie. The Cassie is similar to the Maxi, but instead of floor length, the Cassie hits the average wearer at the knee. The patterns are gorgeous, and it has a degree of professionalism that the Maxi does not. If you’re looking to wear something that looks fabulous and feels like pajamas, the Cassie is the best choice.

The other three LuLaRoe skirts are less common, but are equally as fantastic. The LoLa is similar to the Lucy, as it comes in lace or chiffon and has the elastic waistband, but the lining inside the skirt is about four inches shorter than the outer shell, which is a fun and eye catching detail. The Azure is a simple knit, A-line skirt with a fold-over waistband, just like yoga pants and joggers. It hits at the knee as well, and is one that looks cute with sneakers and a t-shirt or with a structured shirt and pumps. And finally, the Madison is a fuller knee-length skirt that has box pleats, and the best part is that it has pockets!

LuLaRoe is all about function with form, and the LuLaRoe skirts are an integral part of your wardrobe. The large variety of styles and patterns allows you to look amazing and feel confident, without breaking the bank.