5 Essentials For An Amazing Prom!

Proms are often one of the key moments in young people’s lives. It is more than just an end of school party, it is the end of a chapter in their lives, which is why for many, having the perfect and most amazing night possible is so important.

It can be quite a stressful time, the months leading up to a prom, which is why we wanted to offer some help and advice to make sure you make good use of the time. Proper planning and preparation are key to a successful prom and the earlier you start, the better.

In the following post therefore, we will look at 5 essentials to having an amazing prom that everyone should remember.

Comfortable Shoes

We are jumping straight into a discussion about shoes. We figure that, if you are a girl and reading this you will probably have your prom dress sorted and if you don’t, you will have a good idea what you are going to wear. However, we wanted to make sure we highlighted the importance of buying shoes that are not only beautiful and stunning, but are comfortable too.

Remember, you’ll be up on your feet for most of the night and although everyone wants to dress their best, you will end up regretting it afterwards if you buy shoes that look great, but do nothing for your feet.

Choose your shoes as early as possible in the run up and wear them as often as you can, so your feet have time to adjust to them and so the material can be worn in a little and is not as stiff.

Arrive In Style

We get it, we were all young once and know how important making a scene can be, which is why you need to choose a good and reliable car to arrive in. If you can afford to hire a limo, this is the ultimate way to pull up outside your school. It is also thought to be the safest and most convenient way, even if you can drive, because it means you and your friends can all sit back and enjoy the night.

A Solid Plan

As we mentioned early on in this post, preparation and planning are key to a successful and amazing prom. We felt it was such an important point that we should expound on it a little. The more you plan out with regards to your prom, the better. It may seem a little OTT to make a list or a schedule, but trust us, you will want to make sure everything is set in place.

Don’t make assumptions about things and organize everything and confirm things like limos or if you are getting a lift with a friend, make sure these things are actually going to happen and that you aren’t going to be left standing on your doorstep while everyone is having fun.

Take Lots Of Pictures

It is likely that the prom organizers at your school will have an official photographer. This is all well and good, but rather than just leaving it to someone else to document that special night, you should also be sure to take plenty of snaps of the evening yourself. No, we don’t mean lots of selfies.

We mean, take as many pictures as you can to help you remember the night. If you don’t have pictures, you will regret it.

Avoid Drink and Drugs

For starters, you are not old enough. Although you might think it’s cool to get drunk or high or even both for your prom; think about the consequences. For one thing, if you are caught you could get into serious trouble with your school, who undoubtedly have a zero tolerance policy in place regarding alcohol on school grounds. Besides that, you could get into trouble from the police and your parents.

What if you do not get caught? You are still putting yourself in danger. When you are drunk, you are susceptible and may find that your prom night ends with you doing something or something being done to you that you are not okay about in the light of day.

If you want our advice, avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs and enjoy the party with a sober mind.

We know that getting ready for a prom can be incredibly stressful, but we hope with the above tips and advice help. With some thought, planning and preparation it can be the magical night you always dreamed it would be.