Five Reasons To Have an Unplugged Wedding

With the digitalisation of today’s world, everyone seems to be in a race to upload photos before someone else does. Usually, the couple’s pictures are uploaded and tagged online at a wedding even before they “I, Do”. This not only harms the individuals’ private spaces but may also make them uncomfortable.

To tackle such a situation, some couples go for unplugged weddings. This concept simply means switching off gadgets, from phones to iPads to cameras. No such technologies are entertained.

To make you more understanding of unplugged weddings, the following blog posts are some benefits that contribute to why unplugged weddings are becoming more and more common.

Guests Are Mentally Present

Putting down electronic gadgets makes your ceremony full of engaged and present guests. Instead of watching your wedding from behind an electronic screen, they become mentally present at that moment.

As a result, they can share in your love, and attending your wedding will become an experience they will remember fondly.

Disregard the Presence of a Photographer

While the bride and groom spend a fortune on hiring professional photographers, wedding guests can make their jobs especially hard, and there is a chance they may start feeling frustrated.

Unplugged weddings encourage photographers to get the best angles and cover every part of the event so that the couple can cherish their photos in wedding stationary packages.

Cut Off Distractions

Unnecessary distractions like the beeps, dings and flashing of cameras can ruin special moments for you. Imagine being interrupted by someone’s ringtone during one of your special moments; it calls for awkwardness!

See True Emotions

Walking up and back down the aisle, you can see people’s faces rather than their phones. You won’t be able to see who was crying or laughing at a funny error if the entire aisle is filled with guests holding up their phones for the shot.

Blocked Views

Having cameras mounted to faces can encourage the chances of people being unable to see you or through someone else’s lenses. Not only is it off-putting, but it also sidelines the star of the evening: the couple.



If you have decided to opt for an unplugged wedding, there are several ways you can disclose this news to your guests without being rude; mention it on stunning wedding invitations, wedding signage, or have it announced.

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