Best 5 Pieces of Advice from Hairdressers for Your Wedding – Bridal Hair

It’s wedding season! And with this, comes the need to get your hair done. You might be tempted to wear a long veil or a long curly updo, but are you actually thinking of what your hair will do?
Here is some advice from MAGIO Hair Studio for brides planning their wedding hair.

1 Choose Your Wedding Theme.

There are unlimited choices of how you want your hair to look on that day. Everything starts with the theme of your wedding. Modern or traditional, classy or rustic all of them can create an amazing look for that day. With the wedding director, you can create a complete mood board of them and the basic colour palette for your wedding.

2 Choose Your Dress

Your wedding dress will determine your hair and makeup look. If you wear a veil or a tiara or loose waves with fresh flowers, the dress will give the direction of those styles. Definitely, your designer had an inspiration look for that dress when he make it for you. All this informations is vital for the final look.

3 Choose Your Hairstyle.

At Magio, after we have the complete pieces of information we start working on the project. We recommend at least 2-3 styles that we will create for that project to see how comfortable that hairstyle fits you. That hairstyle should make you feel comfortable and able to wear it for many hours. The ‘try to be’ project is MAGIO’s services that can create all of what you need. A wedding hair trial should be arranged with makeup to give a better vision of the final look.

4 Prepare Your Hair.

Your hair has to be prepared for that day. This starts at least one month prior. If you need to change your hair cut or put long hair extension or even your hair colour and highlight 30 days are enough time for all changes. Consider that the last month, you will be busy and you will meet a lot of people your hair will always have a nice blow dry. The preparation of your hair is an important part of your hairstyle. Hair must be healthy and shiny and then will be easier for you to control that day.

5 Take Your Team With You.

 It is always good to work with professionals and people that you know. Definitely, you don’t want a hairdresser or make-up artist that you meet first time at your wedding. Your personal hairdressers know you well and can take away this extra stress. If you are planning after the ceremony to appear at the party with different dress then it’s wise to have your hairdresser and makeup artist with you.

Final Thoughts

Magio Good Ladies Hair Salon in AbuDhabi specialise in Wedding Updo, Bridal hairstyles and our team has been working with Arab Bride and European Brides for years. It’s not just about beautiful hair it’s about your personality and feelings that make you shine on your special day. Make an appointment today! For more information related to top hair salons in Abu Dhabi, or female hair stylists in Abu Dhabi, visit the website.