Live Dealers Open a Window to The Land-Based Casinos World

Online casinos have many advantages over traditional casinos: the ability to play without leaving your home, exciting gameplay, and 3D technologies, thanks to which the games become as realistic as possible.

However, until recently, no online game could recreate the main feature of traditional casinos – the special atmosphere of risk, excitement and luxury. Thanks to them Las Vegas, for example, is considered the gambling world capital. However, the situation has changed thanks to a casino with a LiveCasino section – now almost every major site offers the opportunity to play roulette, blackjack, and other card games face to face with a live dealer, whose role is usually played by beautiful girls or handsome guys.

How to Play at Live Dealer Casinos

It doesn’t take much time to experience this completely new format of gambling. At first you should start by registering and creating a casino account. While regular games are usually available in a free demo mode even without registration, then games with live dealers are always played only for real money – and this requires creating an account and making a deposit. You can play with live dealers both from a computer and from a mobile phone if your device is powerful enough.

Some large online casinos and gambling industry giants already offer their users special mobile applications that support the LiveCasino. The Shangri La online platform has also created a convenient mobile application that makes the game from phones as juicy as from desktops.

The set of games that support the participation of live dealers is very great. This is primarily due to the gameplay peculiarities. You will find hundreds of popular card game variations that will never appear in regular casinos.

The standard set of live games, as a rule, includes European roulette, classic blackjack, baccarat and casino hold’em – a special type of poker developed specifically for online casinos and involving playing heads-up against the dealer. There are no differences in the rules – if you are familiar, for example, with regular roulette, you can play against a live dealer.

What Do LiveCasino Players Like?

The level of user confidence in virtual casinos is somewhat inferior to conventional casinos. Therefore, many venues organize special rooms with online broadcasting of the process. This is one of the way to prove your trustworthiness.

Versions of games with live dealers are very varied and run in fast mode. Live broadcast is carried out using some HD webcams. The user can control the process and communicate with other participants at the table in a special chat.

Usually, charming boys and girls act as croupiers. Their task is to deal cards, accept bets, and spin the roulette wheel in real time. The dealer is changed periodically, as a rule, every 20-30 minutes.

It’s nice that there is an opportunity to communicate with the dealer. This is implemented using chat. All participants who are in the game can write to this general chat. The dealer sees all messages and answers. It is often a casual conversation that creates a pleasant atmosphere and uplifts the mood.

Advantages of Playing with a Live Dealer

The games that are offered live have their positive and negative sides. Therefore, you need to deal with them in more detail before placing bets.

So, among all the benefits, complete transparency should be highlighted. The whole process from beginning to end can be controlled. In this case, the atmosphere is more like a game room, which now works in a wonderful way in your home. And although it seems that only a computer monitor separates you from the dealer, in fact it can be thousands of kilometers.

You can participate in dialogues with other players at the table. This is what many people lack in the virtual world, while in an ordinary casino it will not be difficult to communicate with people who share your interests and views.

All events in the game happen by the will of luck, and are not generated by the RNG. This is very much appreciated by players who prefer minimal interference of computer programs in the gameplay.

Difficult Moments of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games have some difficult moments. For example, they create an increased load on traffic, and this, in turn, is suitable only for users with high-speed Internet without restrictions. In addition, one draw takes much more time than any virtual version.

You can’t go anywhere, since there is no pause button. You just have to leave the game. And this is not always convenient, especially if you are lucky with a card and it simply does not make sense to pass.

Another disadvantage is the inability to play with very low stakes. Since quite serious people gather at the table, considerable sums will be at stake, so it makes no sense to plan a budget of less than $ 100.

Actually, this is where the disadvantages end. And as you noticed, these are the same disadvantages that we usually have in land-based casinos, except for the problems with the Internet. In any case, the advantages of playing with a live dealer are much greater, and it is on them that you should focus your attention.