Top Protein Supplements in India 2021

Almost every fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, or athlete is aware of protein supplements. These are widely used by the community of bodybuilders and fitness lovers. The reason behind their stark popularity is that they offer a hassle-free way of consuming the daily required protein for building ripped muscles. Protein supplements are usually available in a powdered form which makes them easily digestible and deliver quick results.

Whey protein powder is the most popular protein supplement used by many bodybuilders. It is rich in all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs but cannot produce on its own. It gets digested fast and helps with muscle building. There are mainly 3 types of whey protein- concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. The former two are the most widely used and readily available ones.

You can also get a blend of whey isolate and concentrate. Each one of the variants delivers sufficient protein, the only difference lies in the number of carbs, fats, and lactose. You can choose any as per your fitness goals. To make your life easier, we have curated a list of some of the top whey protein supplements in India, that can make your fitness journey easier.

Best Whey Protein Powders in India

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Isolate

Enriched with the unique Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF), this isolate protein powder by MuscleBlaze is crafted especially for Indians. EAF helps in boosting the digestion and absorption of protein by 50% when compared to other whey protein powders. It also lets you absorb 60% more BCAA than other whey protein powders. This formula also lowers stomach discomfort. With each serving of this product, satta matka you get 25g protein and 5.5g BCAA to support lean muscle growth and recovery. This is the only Indian protein powder to be tested by Labdoor for purity and accuracy and also ranks high in their supplement ranking list.

As-It-Is Nutrition WPC

This is an unflavored whey protein concentrate (WPC) product that supports lean muscle growth. This is an unsweetened protein powder that is 100% vegetarian. It is crafted using whey from the USA and delivers 24g protein per serving of 30g. It is a low-fat and low carb product that offers just 1.5g fats and 2.5g carbs per serving. It is a soy-free product ideal for muscle building.

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar

Next on this list is this product from Ultimate Nutrition. Each serving of this product delivers 25g of protein to support muscle growth. It is a low-fat and low-carb protein powder with just 1g fat and 2g carbs per serving. It is a 100% vegetarian protein powder that is great for building muscles and boosting muscle recovery post-workout. It is available in 9 different flavors, all of which are delicious. Some of the best flavors are Cocoa Mocha, Delicious Raspberry, and Cookie & Cream.

Sinew Nutrition Instantized Whey

This protein powder offers quality nutrition. It is an unflavored protein powder that can be used in multiple ways. It can be added to various recipes and shakes of any flavor of your choice. It offers 23.7g protein, 1.5g carbs, and 2.4g of fats per serving to support your muscle building. This is a low-carb product and is thus great for all calorie-watchers. It is made up of milk-based ingredients and is a 100% vegetarian protein.

Dymatize Nutrition Elite 100% Whey

This one is a bit expensive, but if you don’t mind spending a few bucks on a quality protein, then this product is for you. Each serving offers 25g protein along with 5.5g BCAA to support muscle growth, recovery, and ward off fatigue and muscle soreness. It has 2.7g of Leucine to promote muscle protein synthesis and prevent the breakdown of muscles. This is definitely one of the best WPC supplements available in 5 delectable flavors. It is a 100% vegetarian protein.

You can choose any of these protein powders as per your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight or want lean muscle growth, whey isolate is a great choice as it is low on both carbs and fats. Also if you are lactose intolerant, isolated whey is good for you because of its low lactose content. WPC can be consumed if you want to build stronger muscles and aren’t much bothered about your calorie intake and won’t mind taking in a few carbs, lactose, or fats. Both of these offer quality protein and deliver excellent results when consumed alongside a balanced diet and regular training.