The Top Mattresses of 2016

Pillows tucked in; blankets all set up and a good mattress that snuggly rests on your back, definitely, there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep or a comfortable rest on bed. Clearly, the mattress is one, if not, the most important requirement for a good sleep. There are several    mattresses that  claim maximum comfort and durability. Here are some of the best mattresses in 2016 that became favorites among several households:

Amerisleep Revere Bed

Amerisleep Revere Bed uses an environment-friendly plant based memory foam that is manufactured from soybean oils. Manufactured through Variable Pressure Foaming technology, this means that no contaminants were emitted in the process and that the resulting foam will produce lesser volatile organic compounds. Most consumers of the mattress have nothing but huge praises for the mattress, and they emphasized that they never noticed a buildup of heat while using the bed. The brand is known for providing their mattresses with client-infused covers. This material allows the increase in blood flow by converting body heat to infrared light. This assures consumers of comfort, durability, good support and of course, relief from back pain.Amerisleepmattresses are also priced competitively and are affordable, making them bang for the buck mattresses.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze Matress makes use of medium and high-density memory foams. The inner most foam weights at approximately 1.5-1.8 lbs. Several durability tests have proven its capability of accommodating heavier individuals and consumers never had problems in regards to heat.However, all these things don’t come with a low price. One of the major drawbacks the Cloud Supreme has received is the fact that they are significantly more expensive than similar mattresses from other popular brands. The higher density while beneficial for some, is reported as worrisome for other consumers. They complain that the higher density foam can suck them in the middle making it uncomfortable for some.

Sealy Optimum Elation Gold

The Sealy Optimum Elation gold makes use of two inches of gel memory foam just a few inches below the quilt layer. To add extra support, the company adds four more inches of OptiSense gel foam. This setup allows for a cooler mattress guaranteeing consumers with a good rest.

Indeed, mattresses are important for a good night sleep. A good mattress should be durable, must retain a cool temperature and most of all, comfortable. Take a look at the mentioned mattresses and never worry about tossing and turning because of a bad mattress.