What Are Progressive Glasses And Why Should You Buy Them?

Heard of progressive glasses but have no idea how they could help you? Read on to know everything about this better version of bifocals and trifocals and why you should buy them.

What are progressive glasses?

Progressive glasses are, in simple terms, a better alternative to bifocals and trifocals. Also called multifocals, they use progressive additional lenses (PALs) which have a gradual change in power. This means that the upper portion of the lens helps you focus on objects  far away, while the bottom portion of the lens helps you with your near vision.

Why should you buy them?

You now know a lot about progressives and how they work, but you don’t know any good reasons to invest in them. Let us help you.

  • To help you with your presbyopia

If you’re in your 40s, you may have been diagnosed with a condition called Presbyopia. Presbyopia is caused when the lens in our eyes loses elasticity and it can be corrected with progressive glasses.

  • You want to be discreet about your age

If you are over 40 and hate wearing bifocals or trifocals due to the lines, progressive glasses should be what you buy. Not only do progressives help you with your no-lines on glasses look, but they also make you feel young and fresh every time.

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  • Personalised for you

Progressive glasses are usually fitted for personal use. And this means that the glasses are going to be made specifically for you.

But if they are fitted wrongly, progressive glasses do more damage than help. That’s why we recommend you to get an eye test and prescription for your multifocals from a Specscart and trust us with the process of delivering to you the best glasses that there are, for your eyes!

  • No power jumps or that your hair on your lenses!

This is perhaps the best thing about progressive lenses. Because they change power gradually, they have no power jumps to make your head dizzy!

Another good reason to buy progressive glasses is that the gradual power change means that you don’t have to continually feel as if there’s something on your lenses. And you don’t have to constantly clean your lenses as if there’s a strand of hair on them.

  • Multifocals increase your depth perception!

Progressive glasses don’t break your trust even if they take a little getting used to. They help you with the depth perception and make tasks like climbing the stairs easier! And once you are accustomed to them, you will find it easier to see at all distances with them.

  • A single pair of everywhere

Getting varifocals means that you have one pair of glasses to help you whether you’re reading the books or cleaning the shelves. And you can also get progressive lenses with UV-protection coatings so that you have one pair for the indoors and the outdoors, for all things near and far!

And the last reason, buy progressives because you have nothing to lose!

Where to buy them from?

Look your best with multifocal designer glasses from Specscart! With the best quality lenses and great prices, Specscart is your best bet for buying all kinds of glasses.

One more thing, you can also buy varifocals glasses with blue light protection coatings, in sunglasses’ tints for a great price. And if you combine varifocals with digital protection coatings, they can also function as filtering blue light glasses.

And if you don’t want these extra coatings, you can choose our free fully loaded lenses option that provides you protection from UV rays while also being scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.

And if you are by any chance, a happy progressive glasses buyer from Specscart, you don’t have to rub it in your bifocal/trifocal-wearing colleague’s face. You are happy and that’s all that matters.