Where Can I Buy A Women’s Moroccan Kaftan Online?

The Moroccan Kaftan is a unisex, long, loose fitting tunic dress with a deep neckline and wide sleeves which has endured throughout the centuries as a versatile staple of any fashionable wardrobe.


Originating in Ancient Mesopotamia, the kaftan was worn by Ottoman sultans and their wives from the 14th to the 18th centuries. They were given as gifts to important dignitaries and were a powerful status symbol as the detailed embroidery and beading could take months to create. Moroccan kaftans are known for being highly ornate and threaded with gold and silver thread. Variations of this style have been worn across the Iranian plateau, North Africa, and West Africa as the loose fitting style helps air circulate and keep the body cool.

Contemporary Fashion

In the nineteenth-century travellers from Europe began to bring back Moroccan kaftans from the East which began a fad for orientalism and bohemian style. This craze reached new heights in the 1960s with the kaftan becoming synonymous with the hippie style of swinging London after the Beatles started wearing them after their tour of India. The Moroccan kaftan also started appearing in high fashion, with designers like Dior featuring them in their collections and Vogue declaring the kaftan an ‘essential’ item.

The kaftan continues to appeal to a wide range of fashion conscious people with its bohemian style and endless design and styling possibilities. Celebrity fans of the kaftan include Elizabeth Taylor, Beyoncé, Uma Thurman, Susan Sarandon, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen, and Nicole Richie. Kaftans are now popular around the world and with such versatility and choice it’s not hard to see why.


A Morroccankaftan is a design classic that doesn’t date or go out of style and is therefore a wise investment purchase. Kaftans are available online in a range of styles from ornate to plain, monochrome, and bright colours, long sleeved and sleeveless, and in a variety of eye-catching floral and geometric prints. The deep neckline and floor length is flattering on all ages and body shapes and allows for modesty without compromising on style.


Some kaftans come with belts whereas others are meant to be worn loose but can be belted if desired to make the kaftan more figure hugging and allowing you to put your own stamp on your outfit. Whatever type of Moroccan kaftan you’re looking for you’re bound to find one online to fit your style perfectly.

Occasion Wear

Looking to make an impact at a special occasion? A kaftan is an elegant choice for events such as parties and weddings. Online there is a range of opulent Moroccan kaftans available embellished with embroidery, diamante, and in a huge range of colours. These statement kaftans can be dressed up with heels, costume jewellery and dramatic makeup to ensure that you make an entrance at any event.

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Cool, lightweight, and comfortable, kaftans make excellent loungewear for those who want to look good whilst relaxing at home. Simpler designs in breathable fabric such as cotton or silk are good options for lounging in style.

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A lightweight kaftan is a perfect beachwear for those who want to cover up on the beach and avoid sunburn, it’s also a chic cover-up to throw on between the pool and the hotel and can be worn over a slip or over swimwear.


Moroccan kaftans make ideal maternity wear as they are roomy enough to accommodate a growing baby bump whilst keeping you cool and comfortable. Kaftans often come with internal fastenings so you can adjust your garment to fit you perfectly meaning you can re-wear it as a more fitted non-maternity dress after pregnancy if you choose.

Where to buy a Moroccan Kaftan online?

There are a plethora of kaftans available online in a range of materials and styles for every occasion from cool cotton to opulent silks, highly beaded and embroidered to plain, and elegant black to bold bright colours and prints. Whatever your style and personality there’s bound to be a Moroccan kaftan somewhere online to suit you.