Laser Hair Removal Costs And Prices Compared From Around The World

Laser hair removal is one of the most common, minimally-invasive procedures performed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in their offices. The treatment entails the use of laser technology to remove unwanted hair on the body, and it is an effective treatment that delivers quick results. The laser hair removal cost is relatively high in the US, just like for any other dermatological procedures. However, the United States is not the only country where this treatment is available.  But let’s first discuss what the process entails.

The procedure

Laser hair removal procedure involves pressing a hand-held laser on the skin of individuals to prevent future growth permanently. The light beam destroys the hair follicle over a series of around five to seven monthly treatments. First, hair in the targeted area is cut down so that it is only a couple millimeters long. Then, as treatment begins, a cool gel or cooling device on the instrument’s tip may be used to provide protection to the skin. Once the laser is activated, a beam passes through the skin to the follicles. It releases intense heat that damages follicles, thereby inhibiting further growth. You may experience some discomfort on the skin or a cold sensation from the cool gel or cooling device. Nevertheless, the entire process is simple and fast. For instance, treating a small area like the upper lip may take minutes, while a larger area like the back can take a few hours per session.

After the procedure

After the procedure, you may notice swelling and redness for a few hours. However, you can apply ice or a cold pack on the area to minimize any discomfort or side effects. Steroid cream can also be applied on the affected area in case there is some irritation. It is important to avoid possible sun exposure, both on tanning beds and natural sunlight, after the treatment. Once the skin heals, sunscreen should always be used while outside. Hair shedding can also happen in the few days or weeks that follow the treatment, which many mistakenly interpret as re-growth.

Hair removal using laser technology yields varying results depending on the individual and the area of the face or body that is treated. Hair loss duration can be extended by undergoing multiple treatments. However, in some cases, re-growth occurs after years. This process for works best on people with light skin and brown or black hair. Better results are achieved when an individual undergoes at least 4 to 6 procedures at intervals of about six weeks. Regular maintenance treatments may also be necessary.

Laser technology is used to remove hair on the lower stomach, upper lips, bikini area, underarms, legs, arms, back, hands, and feet. It is an effective and efficient treatment compared to hair removal by waxing, shaving, or even electrolysis. Now let’s take a moment to compare options and laser hair removal prices around the world.

In the United States

In the United States, laser hair removal cost is not covered by insurance companies because the procedure is not considered medically necessary. The prices range from around $300 for small areas such as the underarms and bikini area, up to around $800 for large areas like the back and legs. While this is an average cost, individual clinic prices can vary drastically from state to state, so it is imperative that you research your options fully. Often, online coupon companies can offer deals and incentives for treatments like this.

In the United Kingdom and Europe

In the United Kingdom, the laser hair removal procedure is considered a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. This means it is not covered by national healthcare coverage and must be paid out of pocket for consumers. The cost for these treatments at clinics in the UK cost around $580 for large areas such as the back and legs, whereas smaller areas like the underarms cost around $300 per treatment session. Spain offers some lower cost options for this type of cosmetic procedures, with costs starting around $135 for small areas. Visiting Spain also affords tourists with access to beautiful beaches and old and exquisite architecture of cities like Barcelona.

In Australia

Australia is another westernized country where the laser hair removal procedure is popular. Because of that popularity, the price also increases drastically. For example, the cost to treat a small area such as the underarms is around $200, and a large area such as the back starts at around $400. The extravagant cost of these treatments in areas such as the US, UK, and Australia lead people to look for other options and destinations to fill their need.

In Turkey and Hungary

Tourist destinations like Turkey and Hungary also offer professional laser hair removal, prices being very competitive when compared with other countries. For the low price of $30 a session, you can travel to seaside resorts and spas in Antalya, or the beautiful busy metro of Istanbul to receive your desired treatments. These cosmetic medical procedures fit seamlessly into a lovely vacation in Turkey. Hungary also has many options for this type of cosmetic procedure. They specialize in weekend getaways and quick vacations that include procedures like hair removal and dental implants. The cost of this procedure in a beautiful town like Budapest is around $40 per session.

In Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful tourist destination, and it is one of the most popular places for patients from the larger westernized countries to come when looking for affordable cosmetic procedures, and in case of laser hair removal costs are really low compared with other countries. There are many clinics around the country in cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The centers and clinics in these areas are well established and have been in operation, providing high-quality care and service, for many years.

In Malaysia

In the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, clinics that offer cosmetic and non-invasive procedures, like laser hair removal, are rapidly gaining popularity and esteem. This city, which is a mecca for politics, cultural diversity, and business practices is home to many specialists who offer low-cost hair removal procedures starting at $60.

In Brazil

Laser hair removal prices in Brazil start at around $100 per treatment. These medical clinics offer treatments from world-class physicians in beautiful high-tech spaces. While you are in town for those couple of days getting treatment, there are many destinations to check out. Some of the most popular visiting places are Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo, and Porto Alegre. Tourists can hike in the beautiful wooded areas, visit the large and booming metropolises of the major cities, and spend time down at the Brazilian beaches. Just remember to pack lots of sunscreen!

At home

In the past, this procedure could only be performed at the dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office or clinic because the required equipment was costly, and specialized expertise was required. Now, laser hair removal costs are affordable and available around the world. However, it may still be problematic to travel very far for this particular treatment because of the 4-6 week waiting period between sessions and the fact that at least six sessions are required for permanent hair removal. An option to solve this problem is new DIY kits that can now be purchased and used at home. These kits enable individuals to remove hair using laser devices in the same way professional dermatologists do at their clinics. Today, doing this at home can save individuals significant amounts of money and time while also yielding the expected results, provided the procedure is done properly. However, it is prudent to note that results from at-home procedures may require more sessions and yield more modest results than professional treatments in a doctor’s office.

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