Eating Well Magazine Is Getting More Realistic With Valuemags

Eating Well Magazine, distributed by distribution and marketing company, ValueMags, is getting real about their healthy eating advice. Usually, Eating Well magazine publishes a mass of health-conscious recipes, that are resourceful, easy to make, time efficient, and do not compromise nutritional value. The tips and tricks provided in the magazine are accessible to most readers. It includes new ingredients that savvy chefs are using, what foods are in season, bright new recipes, and diet and exercise information.

In tune with being realistic about individual’s bodies and lifestyles, Eating Well Magazine is cutting back on the diet and exercise information that they are providing. ValueMags employees have realized that is they do publish any related information, they do it in moderation and in steps. While the Internet is stormed with fitness lifestyle promotion and vegan and healthy lifestyle promotion, Eating Well Magazine is stepping away from the overwhelming movement. Many of their readers are not those individuals. Their reader demographic is individuals that are aged over 30 and have families. How can the whole family eat for less in a healthy way? Instagram is bombarding Internet users with an image that they have to live up to. Especially when likes, followers, and self-esteem is involved.

Instead, Eating Well Magazine is beginning to include information that is more friendly to people that are in that demographic. That information includes, how to love yourself, confidence exercises, and relationship building exercises. The practice of eating well is tied into loving yourself when you consume. Therefore, Eating Well magazine is better appealing to their audience says ValueMags employees. Some are taking the magazine and reading it after every issue is distributed. They find that information much more valuable than exercise and dieting. Exercise and dieting information is available everywhere and is oversupplied.

By including issues related to the subjects above, ValueMags readers and United States issue readers are more likely to value the magazine. The information differentiates Eating Well from the other magazines out there.