The Right Backing for Your Personalise Embroidered Patch

Among the features to consider when ordering custom patches, one of the most important is the base of the embroidered patch. There are several support options available, so there is one that is perfect for your particular patch.

The embroidered patch base begins with the twill surface on which the patches are embroidered. These patches can be stitched on to any clothing or accessory as they are. This is a permanent attachment method that is great for many needs.

However, other backing-options can give you more flexibility and choices.

If you are looking to add strength and definition to your patches, you can add a plastic base to the twill. This gives the patch extra strength and rigidity after being sewn on. It is popular in the service industry as it provides something durable and functional for everyday use. Plastic covers the entire back of the patch, which looks like the original twill, and then sews onto the garment.

Iron-on backing is a popular alternative to the sew-on style. The adhesive on the back of the patch melts from the heat of an iron or fabric press, creating a secure seal with the garment. It’s more durable than sewing on patches and doesn’t need any sewing skills. If you require to secure the patch before using heat, you can stitch the patch in place first, and then iron.

Be advised that iron-on patches are best suited for non-stretch fabrics that can withstand medium to high heat. They are NOT for use on leather garments.

You are looking for patches that can be removed and reapplied, or worn on multiple garments? Second wave offer on quality personalised embroidered badges is the answer. Sew one side of the hook-&-loop fastener to the garment and the other to the back of the patch. The patches can be easily applied to the strip and then removed as needed. For example, slip a strip over several shirts, and you can easily transfer patches between shirts. It also makes it easier to remove patches before washing clothes while adding durability to the patches. This lining option is quite popular for military stripes.

For temporary, short term use, tape backing is available. Best for one-off events like concerts or festivals, this simple lining provides a secure fit and enhances your style. Peel and glue and your garment will now be decorated with an embroidered patch.

When thinking about support options, also keep in mind the boundaries of your custom patches. Merrowed borders are standard for most standard shaped patches and have a clean and classic look. The Merrowed border has thread sewn onto the patches, creating a wraparound look as well as adding strength to the patch.

Another option is a hot bezel that won’t damage your parts. Hot cut edges are sharp and clean, ideal for ironing. This allows the adhesive to reach the edge of the patch. It is also the preferred border for irregular lot shapes.

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