Ultimate Moving Guide to Canada

Moving to Canada is exciting, but it does require some work on your part. Thankfully, the following guide will help make things a bit easier for you.

Be of Age

You want to be at least 18 years of age before you try to start this process, and you are going to need your birth certificate. This is not to say you can’t apply if you aren’t 18. It is just that things can get challenging for you if you try.

If you’re not 18, then you’ll need to have your parents or legal guardians start this process for you. It might be easier to convince your parents or legal guardians to move to Canada with you or just wait.

Skilled Immigrants

Canada is trying to open its doors to folks with specific skills. Having one of these skills can get you on the Express Entry list. These are folks who can fill labor needs the country of Canada has at the moment.

Now, to get on this list, you have to earn enough points, which is based on your talents. The chances of getting accepted are relatively okay, but do what you can to improve your points by talking to an immigration expert.

Become a Permanent Resident

Find a way to become a permanent resident. You have a few options, so choose the one that works best for you. Some lucky people who have family members in Canada get help through them to get their permanent residency. Other folks just use the entrepreneur route. You could also just apply through the province you feel has captured your heart after researching Canada.

Once you achieve this status in Canada, you’ll be able to receive healthcare. You can work, complete your studies, and can start to learn more about Canada by visiting places. You won’t be able to vote or run for any type of government position. You also can’t hold a job that requires any type of security clearance.

Make a Declaration

You need to make a real declaration that you’re trying to live in Canada. This is something you’ll have to worry about if you’re officially told you can be a permanent resident.

To make this declaration, confirm your intention of living in the country for the time required. You need to be living as a resident of Canada for three out of five years. Try to take this as seriously as you can. Canada can definitely revoke your residency status if it notices you haven’t been living in Canada enough time.

Six-Year Home

Just because you got accepted by Canada, doesn’t mean you’ll be a citizen. Canada is pretty strict, even with permanent residents, so continue following everything you’re told by the government if you want to become a Canadian.

If you are a permanent resident, then you’re expected to be on Canadian soil for 1,460 days, which is four years of six years. This time must be completed before the date on your application. You can see Canada expects you to live in Canada for most of the time, and if you want a chance at citizenship, then make sure you do so.

Filing Tax Returns

While you’re a resident of Canada, you must file your taxes. You’re expected to do so, and the more information you provide, the better. You’ll be asked for at least three years worth of taxes during those five years nearing the date stamped on your application.

You want to file your taxes with a professional so that there are no errors. This information is used to confirm that you’re working, and it’s good to show your future country that you’ll be a good taxpayer.

Know the Language

Make sure you know the official language in Canada, and the country has two options for you. Some folks learn French while others learn English, but you need to learn one of them if you want to become a citizen.

Canada doesn’t ask you to be completely fluent in either of these languages just enough to be able to live in Canada. This means you should be able to do some small talk, get around, and be able to describe things like your environment or even yourself.

Becoming a Canadian does take some work, but it’s all worth it in the end. Just be patient with the process, and do your best to follow through on your side, which should get you that citizenship you’re hoping for.

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