Homecoming Dresses: Four Bold Colors You Can Wear

For this article, we will reveal some details about the colors that were trending in New York’s runways and the most used for celebrities in this last season. This influences will help you choose the best palette for you in our collection at Jovani homecoming dresses. We have bright and beautiful colors that have been selected for this event.

Most designers take specific women with unique characteristics or a particular complexion as their muse or inspiration and thus achieve creating vibrant colors for the current fashion. Colors can represent an attitude or personality. For example, if we want to portray a woman who is bold and straightforward, red will be a color that would express that attitude completely. Especially during the winter season where we see a lot of somber tones.


The color carmine and garnet can the perfect match for your homecoming dress as is trending right now.

Also, is almost a fact the colors purple and red will never go out of fashion since they have always shown total popularity in 2017, and now even in 2018, especially if you want to pop during the winter season.

We understand that you have different attitudes for various occasions. We want you to be able to show off your sexy and daring side without losing good taste that all Homecoming stars should have.

Keep in mind, that the color red favors all ages, so there is nothing to lose. Don’t waste more time and try it!


Yellow also prevails to be the one of the most popular in the fashion world for this season as they are quite vibrant without losing grace. It is a warm color, and now they will be very used to help shine through your party.

Another unforgettable color will always be orange and this season will keep its popularity. It is a great option to combine it with colors such as browns, beiges and bronzes. Keep your wardrobe updated with a variety of colors and bold choices.


This fresh color will support you achieve an elegant style because it has become part of everyday use and to stand out also on special occasions. The military green tone, it’s mostly used during the winter season and is already becoming a star. It’s the perfect shade to be able to use it with different types of clothes, whether lightweight, sports or padded jackets.


Finally, the color black is a classic choice that we can always use since it could be used during the entire year and will make us look chic at every occasion. You could wear it at any occasion without leaving aside a joyful attitude or glamour.

We can no longer say that the color black is only when your mood is not the best of days. It also stands for chic and class. With our black homecoming dresses along with the right pose, you will prove you’re a real goddess of fashion.

Don’t forget that the colors we wear often reflect how we’re feeling towards our responsibilities of the day. If you’re feeling off, don’t let it show and select a color that motivates you and dare with more vibrant color for clean and happy energy. Adventure to use it as you see fit!