What It Is Like To Live With Your Wife’s Mother

Most of the times, marriages that have the mother of the bride too involved in the newly – weds’ lives end up with divorce. Sad, but true. Those kind of mothers, think that no one is good enough for her daughter, and the one she chooses has to “play her game”.

https://www.fusion-events.ca/ is the right place for planning wedding celebrations making sure you get what you want.A man does not feel that the he is pillar of the family, because her mother’s word is last.The connection from childhood, with years, crosses the boundaries of the normal and many remain unmarriedThis problem is typical for daughters who have poor or no relationship with their father.
These girls cannot do anything without consulting their mom first. This connection can be noted since childhood, but over the years it usually goes beyond the limits of the normality. Initially, it works innocuous – moms choose clothes and dolls for them, and then companions. They are not similar to their daughters, so some of the companions they choose are not nice enough or insufficiently smart. There are those who do not come from a good family or are too poor, and mom knows best. So, we get to the situation that they start to choose both a boyfriend and then a husband. What’s worse, this guy will not be good enough if he does not want to follow her rules.
A study by British scientists has shown that girls who grew up with a strong mother have a problem developing their personality. Even half of the respondents, said that they never managed to express their wishes about the choice of a profession or a partner, because the mother was so present in their lives that her opinion was accepted by default. Some of them realized what they are doing, but mostly late, when they worked well as doctors, but wanted to become actresses. And they lived in marriage with wealth, but boring husbands, imagining exciting individuals from the past. In the meantime, they live with their mothers or at least close to her, cook meals according to her recipes, name one of the children after her. The study also showed that the role of fathers is completely marginalized, and so most respondents have no or very poor relationship with their dad.

While, on the one hand, the close affection of mother and daughter is pure affirmation, on the other hand it can turn into an extremely unhealthy relationship. Many women unconsciously bind children to themselves, emotionally crushing them for the rest of their lives. If they do not decide what they want, they systematically impose a sense of guilt, and it is very difficult when this permanent care conscience is involved. In order to avoid this, the girls agree to everything, they ask their mother’s permissions, explaining to her that she will get exactly what she want. Some do not even marry, because the mothers have tied them to themselves, filled their life from bottom to top, that they have no time to think that it might need to be different.