How Much Dose Should A Patient Take In Cystitis Treatment And Where To Buy Trimethoprim?

Trimethoprim tablet is usually taken twice a day to treat the infection – once in the morning and once in the evening. The patient can take it with or without food. Usually the average or regular dosage in cystitis treatment is 200mg two times a day – some doctors might recommend double the first dose to 400mg to stop the speed of infection spreading so rapidly. The dose of trimethoprim a patient needs to take depends on illness, age, and how well the patient’s kidneys are working. Doses are usually much lower for elder people and with kidney or liverproblems.

How to take trimethoprim

Swallowing trimethoprim tablets as whole with a drink of water is usually advised. Don’t chew them. Trimethoprim is also available in liquid form for people who experience the difficulty in swallowing tablets. If the patient is taking trimethoprim as a liquid, it’ll usually be made up by his or her pharmacist. The medicine will come with a syringe or spoon to help you take the right amount. Don’t have a syringe or spoon? Ask the pharmacist to give one.

If the patient is taking trimethoprim to prevent an infection, take it at bedtime.

If the patient been prescribed trimethoprim as a treatment for cystitis that comes on after having sex, take it as a single dose within 2 hours of having sex.

How long should a patient will take it for?

  • The time a patient will need to take trimethoprim for depends on how bad and where the infection is, patient’s age, whether sex is male or female, and whether patient have any other health problems.Men and pregnant women with straightforward water infections usually take a 14-day course of treatment.
  • People with particularly severe or complicated water infections, or a catheter, usually take a 14-day course of treatment.
  • Treatment may continue for at least 6 months for preventing water infections or as a treatment for acne.

Where to get trimethoprim online?

Continue taking trimethoprim until your course is finished, even if you feel better, to help stop the infection coming back. So for this process, it is hard to go every time to the medical shop or even the physicist for buying more medicine, simply a smart way is to order trimethoprim from UK meds, UK meds offer complete range of medicines that are being used by physicians of this era with delivery all across the UK with the best prices on market.