Let your Bridesmaids Rock in Shades of Red on Your Big Day!

Red is the colour of warmth, love, and happiness. And thus, this colour has been there in the world of fashion since years and has never gone out of trend. So, if your wedding bells are ringing and you are really worried about satisfying all your bridesmaids, then you can settle for the colour red.

Now that you have decided on “red”, you have to either pick one shade from the family of cherry, rose, mahogany, crimson, garnet, ruby, scarlet reds or ask your bridesmaids to mix and match the various shades. If you are not sure about the shades, you do need to take some time out for them and take a look at the family of this beautiful colour. Now that I have told you enough about the shades, what about the styles? While your first cousin has some concern regarding her flabby arms, your best friend is dying to wear an off-shoulder at your wedding. You being the bride can be anything but not partial. Go through the following dress style from which you can pick any for your lovely group of girls.

The graceful off shoulder dress –Off shoulder long dresses in hues of red would make the bridesmaids look absolutely breathtaking. The ones who are concerned about their flabby arms can relax too, as this style will draw all the attention around their neckline. If you buy these from a reputed manufacturer, then ask them to give you the ones which have built-in bras so that one does not have to worry about inner garments. Recommended for all shapes and sizes, this particular style will look great in darker shades of red like fire red or mahogany red.

The short and sassy red dress – If your gorgeous girls want a very sassy look on your big day, then short dresses are the thing! And the best part about this particular style is that it is extremely comfortable, and thus very much convenient for your bridesmaids to do all their chores properly, like attending guests and taking care of you. It can be either strapless or with straps, ask your maid of honour to take this call. This classic one is the most reusable and can be worn repeatedly. Mix and matched shades of red can look great for this style. While one of your cousins can pick blush red, your friend can go for ruby! Let them decide the shade.

Wrap it up pretty with some “lace” effect – Get the ones with soft lace patterns on the back and shoulder areas. While you enjoy reveling in the red attire, let the lace do all the talking. And it looks extremely sophisticated. The red floral patterns can look great in shades like cherry or crimson, and nothing can add a feminine touch like lace does. Sweetheart necklines go great with these dresses and can be of any length from short, above the knees to long and flowing.

The high-low trend – Another trend which is making its presence quite strong felt in the world of bridal fashion is the asymmetrical dresses. From proms to parties, girls are rocking this style with so much grace! The style is fun as well as out of the box. The high and low length will allow them to move about freely and give your bridesmaids a refreshing and chirpy charm. So, why not suggest your bridesmaids try this look on your big day? For this style, going for light shades of red will be a better option. So, visit a good store or check a fashionable site on the internet for eye-catching Red bridesmaid dresses.

So, these are the trends which you can suggest to your bridesmaids! Red is a hue which has a lot of variations, so pick the style after a certain amount of homework because this is one of your most important tasks being a bride. Without your stunning gang of girls, how can be your day complete? Pick a good brand for all your Red bridesmaid dresses.


Author Bio: Monica Gale, a fashion designer by profession, writes about the different styles of dresses in shades of red, which bridesmaids can rock this wedding season. Go through this blog to know about Red bridesmaid dresses.