Wedding Dresses Tips For Indian Wedding Held At UK!

Are you invited to attend an Indian wedding in UK? If this is your first time and you are confused about what to wear then we have some tips for you. Indian weddings are traditional, and they give a complete unique experience with amazing fun in the air, lots of ceremonies, delicious food, vibrant colours, dances, and rituals. Irrespective of the community wedding you are invited to, be it Sikh, Muslim, or Hindu, you will be delighted to witness Indian wedding rituals and traditions.

Once you get the thematic Indian wedding invitation cards, you will know the theme of the wedding. And so, you can easily understand what to wear.  However, if you are unaware about the Indian outfits or wedding dresses, then don’t worry as we have many excellent tips to make your job easier. Follow all the tips, and the result will be a beautiful you, perfect to attend any Indian wedding held in UK.

Dress up as per the thematic Indian wedding invitation cards

Here are some of the most beneficial tips that will help you to dress in the right way for any Indian wedding. Have a look at them as follows.

  1. Dress in a modest way

If you are a first timer to any Indian wedding celebration then you need to dress accordingly. For instance, there should be no bare knees or bare shoulders. If you are a female then you can go for a lehenga or a traditional saree, this is one of the best ways to show respect for the Indian wedding traditions. Make sure you are not wearing anything revealing or any western outfit. If you are a male then Sherwani or Kurta pyjama will be the best option. You can pick up brightly coloured outfits along with accessories to match.

  1. Plan your dress according to the time of the wedding

Not all Indian weddings are celebrated during night time. Hence, you need to check the thematic Indian wedding invitation cards for the time of the wedding event. For instance, you can wear shining clothes and outfits with embellishments when the wedding is held at night. If the wedding is in morning, then shining clothes don’t look well. You can wear brightly coloured clothes for morning events. In addition to this, also check the card if any aspect about dress code is mentioned. If it is, then try following it as you need to be well co-ordinated.

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3.Pre-wedding and post-wedding events

If you are invited for the pre wedding and post Indian wedding events such as Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and reception, you need to pick up your outfit matching the ceremony. For instance, you can wear indo-western outfits for reception. A gown can be perfect for a woman and a suit can be best for a man.

4.Try Indian customs

You can get yourself involved in the Indian wedding ceremonies by getting Mehendi on your hands, dancing in the Sangeet ceremony, trying hands on Indian delicacies, and so on.

So, try the above tips and create best memories in the Indian weddi